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Related article: Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 23:23:51 -0700 From: London Harrison Subject: Adventures of a Manipulative Bottom (Chapter Three)Adventures of a Manipulative Bottom (Chapter Three)"God damn it, son, your ass is so fuckin' tight!" grunted Coach Phillips, the football and gym coach, as he methodically inserted his throbbing dick into his star football player's plump ass. London was fucked face down amongst a stack of discipline referrals and game plans which were sprawled out across the now messy desk. The cigar smoking Coach Phillips stood up behind the bent over jock, smoothly filling him up to the brim with adult man meat."Why the fuck have you been skipping practices, son?" growled the coach as he spanked the boy on his right ass cheek with a belt while holding a cigar in between his lips. London looked back over his shoulder with a slack facial expression demonstrating his feeling of intense pleasure. His mouth was agape illustrating that the large cock within him was inhibiting him from speaking. There was no way London could tell the coach he had been skipping practices because he had been trying to seduce the good doctor for all he was worth.London was being physically disciplined by the coach for skipping three practices in a row. While Coach Phillips was mostly concerned about the game, he had also been craving the animalistic pleasure of dominating the secret slut of his football team. Regrettably to them both, London had been avoiding these hot sessions with his authority figure so that Dr. Ringwald would not come to find another man's cum in his ass.With another slap on the ass from the belt, London's anus squeezed the coach's cock so wantonly that the man almost came instantly."I said Why the FUCK" -- with a hard thrust all the way into the boy -- "have you been skipping practices?" London had to think fast which was rather difficult considering that he once again had his sexy, athletic football coach balls deep in his sucking rectum. There could be no mention of his current plan to extort millions from the doctor."It's because... Uhhhhh" London struggled to speak through his moans as Coach Phillips' massive tool was still fully embedded in his bubbly backside. In response, the coach almost fully removed his dick, only swirling the head around the entrance patiently. "It's because I'm having trouble in math! If I fail this next test, I won't be able to play in the next game! " lied London quickly. He was brilliant in math, but had just been slacking off lately, concentrating less on school and more on how to get Dr. Ringwald into his ass without Mrs. Ringwald or Maria the maid catching them.The coach shook his head in disapproval as he spanked the boy on the butt with the belt again, causing the cheeks to redden and quiver before plunging half of his manly cock back into them. He reminisced about the first time he dicked the boy down on the floor of the showers in the locker room. London had been incredibly horny that day after a long, hot, and sweaty football practice, being tackled and manhandled at least twenty five times by his secret crush and best friend, Andrew Stills. After practice, London stripped down to his jock strap and leaned against the shower wall, faking a sprained ankle. While the coach was behind him checking out his condition, the boy worked his magic by flexing his tight pecs, his fat yet muscular ass and acting perfectly desperate for cock. Before he knew it, the coach was long dicking the sweaty, Preteen Hussyfan exhausted student on the wet shower floor, fucking the cum out of him in under fifteen minutes.London's current dilemma was convincing the coach not to cum in his ass. He could tell the man was getting ready to blow as he would always start to manhandle the kid's abs, chest, and nipples in order to get the jock's asshole spasming out of control."Don't you want to save this load for your wife tonight? I heard you two are trying to have a baby and-" London started to suggest before having a meaty hand placed over his mouth.Coach Phillips spanked the jock with the belt again before bellowing "Shut up, kid! Don't talk about my wife unless you think you need fifty more lashings."Thwarted by the coach's desire to cum in the kid's ass, London rested his heaving chest and groaning head back on the messy desk. Coach Phillips removed his hand from the athlete's gasping mouth and placed both hands Preteen Hussyfan on either side of the plump buttocks. "God damn it, London, you half breeds have the most perfect asses." He began to manhandle the sexy ass as he prepared to fill the boy up to the brim with his manly glue."But coach," London looked over his shoulder again with a desperate look on his face "I want your load in my mouth... I want to taste what your seed tastes like." At least this time he was telling the truth, although he had ulterior motives.Coach Phillips hastily pushed the boy off of his dick and took control of the boy's head, shoving his fat cock all the way into the well-stretched throat to ensure his three large loads of hot semen got to their final destination. If he had fucked his wife tonight as London suggested, she would have definitely been impregnated by the massive load London consumed with pleasure and ease. The two put their clothes back on as Coach Phillips ordered London to receive math tutoring from academic whiz and fellow team captain, Andrew Stills. London loved this idea as Andrew was forbidden by his police commander of a father from hanging out with London outside of school. Commander Stills could tell that there was something London wanted to get Andrew involved in that he didn't want his son being a part of.After driving through the groovy hills of the rich part of town, Coach Phillips arrived at the Ringwald mansion to drop London off. He shook hands with Dr. Ringwald as the two married men made small talk, discussing the teenager that the two adult men were secretly plowing into on a regular basis. Coach reminded Dr. Ringwald that London would need to receive math tutoring from Andrew at least three nights a week.Later that evening Mrs. Ringwald was due to attend a Parents For Christ dinner she had put together at a local high scale restaurant. She frantically ran across the mansion looking for something."Did you lose something, Mrs. Ringwald?" London asked with fake sincerity."Yes, handsome, I sure did! Have you seen my diamond ear rings around, dear? You know, the ones with the gold trim that I wore to church last Sunday? The last place I had them was in my glamour room!" Mrs. Ringwald explained desperate to find her precious, expensive jewels.London knew just what she was talking about. In fact, he had gone into her glamour room earlier, stolen the jewels, and strategically placed them in order to make his next move."I'm so sorry to hear that, Mrs. Ringwald, those are such lovely earrings. You know, I don't know where they are, but I'd be glad to help you look for them!" London lied convincingly. Eventually, the distraught woman left the house in a huff without her prized earrings. Dr. Ringwald wasn't attending the church function tonight as he had lots of work to do for a series of operations that were to be done at one of his farther offices.The two hadn't even touched for a week. Not since the intense sacrilegious spank session on the painting of Jesus in Mrs. Ringwald's father's church. The doctor completely engrossed himself in work in order to avoid the temptation that always awaited him at home. While the doctor engaged in an enormous work load, Mrs. Ringwald and Maria the maid seemed to be always around at the most inconvenient moment. London was finding it increasingly difficult to seduce the handsome older man.However, tonight was the night to enact a major part of his plan. Setting up a video camera in the huge basement library, London put the kids to bed himself in order to ensure their privacy. Carrying two of his own school textbooks, the freshly showered athlete observed the furrowed brow of the unshaven doctor who was furiously scribbling on documents and shuffling through medical journals in search of some cure. "Can I study down here with you?" London asked, trying to sound as innocent as possible.The doctor removed his glasses and stroked his unshaven chin with a smile. "I could use a break, champ. I'm glad to see you studying and doing well in school, young man," Dr. Ringwald imparted paternally. London didn't want to waste time as he knew the video camera's battery had a limited life span. He opened up his anatomy book and went to sit on the lap of the surprised doctor."In the interest of remaining decent, I think we'd better study separately, London" the doctor said as if trying not to hurt London's feelings. If only he knew that hurting the boy's feelings should be the last of his worries at this point. London could feel the man's erection growing as the boy immediately began to grind his tight, soft ass against the groin of the stressed out doctor. "London, I know you've been through a lot, but I can't keep allowing you to... oooh," moaned the weakening man as he began to give in to the lap dance of the horny teenager. Before the married man could react rationally, the London had pulled the doctor's large, tan, erect penis out of his work slacks and positioned it up to the athlete's yawning pussy hole."London, now I think we need to stop it right -- oh dear God" the panting man gasped as he felt the kid's asshole begin to swallow his thick man meat. Several of his employees and many upper crust women in the church fantasized about the devastatingly handsome and masculine doctor and here was a pussy boy acquiring constant access to the stud's impressive package. London whimpered in sweet relief as he once again had the object of his seduction buried deep within his pleasurable snatch. He licked his lips in heat bouncing up and down on the grunting father of two who was now pulling the boy's back onto his heaving chest in order to give him more dick. The manipulating slut sneaked a peek over at the camera which was still running. "Perfect," thought London smugly as he continued to receive an onslaught of passionate thrusts upward into his creamy innards. Then suddenly, London jumped up off of Dr. Ringwald's now pre-cum dripping cock and made a show of knocking the man's carefully organized documents across the desk, causing them to scatter all over the desk and floor below.The now angry Dr. Ringwald roared "Why the hell did you go Preteen Hussyfan and do that?" He stared into London's eyes with a mad intensity as he began to unbutton his own work shirt and undo his tie. He had gotten down to the button above his navel when he lost patience and shoved the kid face down on the desk with his ass up before skewering the jock again, directly hitting his prostate. London arched his back and wiggled his ass even higher to receive all of the mad doctor's passionate plunges. He wanted the doctor's dominating nature and desire for the teen's body to be apparent on the video and so he had purposefully orchestrated this hot pump-and-dump scenario. Dr. Ringwald continued his assault on the throbbing prostate which caused the now submissive teen to spasm his asshole and call out to receive the muscular man's thick seed. He smirked with the knowledge that this was one of several loads Mrs. Ringwald wouldn't be receiving tonight."Breed me, Dr. Ringwald!" London whimpered in honest need."Not yet," declared the doctor in his now commanding voice. He sat back down in his office chair and brought the kid's velvety asshole back onto his pulsating rod, causing London to arch his back again, thrusting out his chest and laying his head back on the doctor's broad shoulder. Just as the married father began to really lay the pipe to the slutty jock, London looked up to see a pair of wide eyes watching them!Maria was on the upper level of the basement library hiding behind a large bookshelf, peeking behind a medical diary and watching the whole erotic scene unfold. She grasped at her heart in horror as she witnessed her employer, the beloved Dr. Ringwald, cheating on his wife with the very devil she had suspected of performing evil trickery! London smiled smugly up at her as he called out for the man's cum load in increasingly loud moans. To keep the doctor from seeing her, London turned around to try to kiss the sexy hunk who was causing his ass to twitch and yawn with need and desire."Turn back around. Now!" ordered the still angry doctor as he spanked the boy and deprived the kid of his paternal affection. After seven more large plunges, Dr. Ringwald stood up all the way up with his cock still completely embedded in London's sucking ass hole. He roared and grunted madly as he dumped a week's worth of pent up baby batter into the athlete's awaiting pussy Preteen Hussyfan hole. "Yeah, take that cum, you nasty little Jezebel" he spat as he spanked London's cheeks and tugged at his hair.London whimpered with need and continued to bounce in mid-air atop the hairy thighs of the muscular doctor. He looked up with an evil smile at Maria's shocked face and bit his bottom lip in lusty heat.After setting the satisfied bottom down onto the floor, the doctor immediately put his glasses back on and began re-organizing the mess London had made of his desk. This was fine with London as he was eager to both get his hands on the video camera and to have a little chat with Maria.London happily waltzed up the stairs with his ass full of married cum to retrieve the video camera. However, when he arrived at the exact spot he had left the camera, it was gone! That stupid, nosy bitch Maria must have seen the video camera, gotten wise to London's game, and stolen it before he had the chance to use it as blackmail!He ran up the stairs in a panicked rage, ready to strangle the dabbling maid for spying on him and attempting to ruin his entire plan. He searched the entire mansion for the horrified Hispanic but she was nowhere to be found. She had escaped with the one thing that meant millions of dollars for the manipulative bottom and not only that, now she knew a major part of his plan. He would have to think fast.Mrs. Ringwald came home that night still searching for her favorite diamond earrings. London approached her with perfectly acted reluctance."Is there something you would like to tell me, London?" Mrs. Ringwald asked with concern."It's about your jewelry, ma'am. Now I don't want to go accusing anyone of anything, but... no, I just shouldn't say without definite proof!" London acted with a performance worthy of an Oscar."What is it?" Mrs. Ringwald pled."Well, today was Maria's day to clean up the east wing of the estate and well... today I caught her in the west wing coming out of your glamour room!" London blabbed with fake trepidation.Mrs. Ringwald thanked the boy for his honesty and assured him that no action would be taken without a thorough and fair investigation of the matter. After she left to search the maid's quarters, London laughed to himself at his brilliance once again. He knew that Mrs. Ringwald would eventually find the jewelry in Maria's room, because HE had put it there in case he needed dirt on the nosy maid.The next day, London overheard Maria talking to the other maid, Rosa, about him in Spanish. London knew Spanish well from living with Papi. During their intense father/son sexcapades, Papi would talk dirty to the boy in Spanish while man handling his athletic, smooth body. He would command the boy in Spanish to squeeze his dick or get on all fours so he could plow his pussy hole doggy style. London loved to hear Papi grunt Spanish dirty talk into his ear while pumping yet another hot load of potent man juice into his son's hungry hole."It is as if the boy is possessed by a demon!" explained Maria in a terrorized fashion. "He is pure evil, I swear to it, Rosa. The boy has come into this house with the intention of causing trouble and he has seduced poor Dr. Ringwald into his web of deceit! Yes, what I say is true. I saw it with my own eyes last night. The boy tricked the poor doctor into doing such nasty things in the basement! I swear to it!"Without warning, London entered the room with a glare of pure Preteen Hussyfan hatred that was fixed for Maria's eyes only. When Rosa became aware of his presence, he smiled at her and said "Rosa, you are dismissed for the day. Maria and I must talk alone."Rosa scampered out of the room like a cockroach exposed to light. Maria looked as if Satan himself was cornering her and about to drag her to the depths of hell."You do not have permission to dismiss-" Maria began to object before London interrupted her with a slap to the face. The horrified, middle aged religious woman held her face as she began to scream in righteous anger "El Diablo! El Diablo! You are the devil, you are a homosexual demon!"London laughed evilly at the old woman's display of emotion."Give me back the video tape you stole from me, you nosy old bitch, or I'll make your life a living hell," London ordered."I won't let you hurt this family, you demon. You get out of this house! This is a good Christian family and you... you trick the poor doctor into doing filth with you!" Maria cried out in disgust."You will want to give me the video tape, Maria. I should let you know that I overheard Mrs. Ringwald talking earlier about replacing you. Oh yes, I told her how you stole her precious jewels and how you've been sneaking liquor from the bar," London said evenly."I did no such thing! You lie to poor Mrs. Ringwald! You deceive her when you know are the thief and the whore! I thank God I destroyed that video tape last night! I won't let you destroy this family with your devilish influence!" Maria cursed.London had been prepared to present the doctor with a copy of the tape that captured their lewd display. Dr. Ringwald would surely be shocked to discover that London had videotaped their encounter. He would also surely be shocked to discover that London planned to show his wife, his co-workers, the church, and the police the video. Of course, that wouldn't be the case if the Preteen Hussyfan wealthy, good looking father didn't deposit a cool two million dollars into his bank account immediately. That was the old plan, anyway.As he exited the maid's quarters, he was pissed that he'd have to dramatically alter his plan. After an afternoon and evening of thought, he had developed a whole new strategy; one that made his ass twitch in anticipation.The following week, London made sure he was the one cooking dinner for the family. Maria objected, but Mrs. Ringwald thought it was cute that their football captain house guest wanted to cook for the family. Unbeknownst to any, London placed strong aphrodisiacs in the food of both Dr. and Mrs. Ringwald. Earlier that day, he had sneaked into the couple's bedroom and poked holes in all of the man's magnum condoms. The two didn't want any more children, but if London was going to be around much longer, he would have to do something major.The couple grew increasingly hornier the first two days, but the two never had intercourse much to London's frustration. The jock had stopped making moves on the doctor in the interest of getting him to unknowingly impregnate his wife. However on a Thursday night, once the kids and the wife were in bed, Dr. Ringwald found his thick cock half way down the throat of the experienced boy who relished in swallowing the married dick. Just as the doctor was about to blow, London spit out the dick and faked a look of remorse."Dr. Ringwald, go be with your wife," London advised."What? I was about to give you my-" the doctor began to complain."Dr. Ringwald, I realized you're right. I shouldn't tempt you with my ass anymore. You should go fuck your wife," London's voice dripped with phony regret before he rolled over onto his bed Preteen Hussyfan to face away from him.Later that night, London crept by the married couple's bedroom to hear the passionate moans of a wife being taken by a strong, virile man. He could hear the bedsprings pop and squeak as she was undoubtedly being weighed down and plunged deeply by the doctor's powerful thrusts. London could hear the grunts of the married man as he unknowingly plowed his wife using altered condoms. The jock's asshole twitched at the thought of being at the end of that rapturous penis. He knew that by arousing the married man with his talented mouth, tonight would very likely be the beginning of a life growing in Mrs. Ringwald's womb. A life that would bring the greedy kid millions.All response is appreciated and fuels the writer! manipulativebttmgmail.com
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